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Why Did the Titanic Sank
Brad Rousse £1.99
One of the iconic tragedies of the modern era, the sinking of the Titanic has become shrouded in legends, true and false, about exactly why the ship sank…READ MORE

The Time Traveller’s Tour Guide to the Titanic
Brad Rousse £1.99
Pwff y Ddraig Hud Tours offer a Time Travelling tour of the RMS Titanic on its fateful voyage, enabling you to mingle and mix with the passengers and crew of the ship. .. READ MORE
Nor Shall My Sword
David Flin £2.99
1922. Thomas, Frank, and Windy have now settled in Esfahan in Persia, along with the rest of the Rifle Battalion…READ MORE

Escape from the Tower
David Flin £1.99
If the Ravens ever leave the Tower of London, Britain is doomed. So goes the legend, and for hundreds of years Ravens have been held at the Tower…READ MORE


Chariot of Fire
David Flin, 16+

A World Apart
Andy Cooke & David Flin, 12-16
How To Build A Moon Base
Andy Cooke, 12-16

Prometheus Unchained
Andy Cooke, 12-16

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