The Enchanted Gargen

Sandra Knott, 5-8

Jasmine was a good little girl, but her brother was a monster. Mummy and Daddy and everyone couldn’t get her brother to behave. However, Jasmine had a secret, and thought that she could change her brother.

It involved frogs and fairies, parties and princesses. No-one else knew of Jasmine’s secret, but she would share it with her brother.


Christmas with Sergeant Frosty

David Flin, 8-12

In the World of Sergeant Frosty, Christmas is a time of magic and excitement. It’s also often a time of adventure and wonder. Somehow, Sergeant Frosty always seems to have an interesting time trying to make sure that Christmas comes and is a wonderful time.

These five tales spread from his very first Christmas to his very last. They involve, in no particular order: emus, penguins, dragons, giant ballerinas, snow tanks, and quite a lot of his children.

Remember, if you see a snowman with a green beret, offer him some iced tea. Sergeant Frosty likes iced tea.


The Foskits, the Kiwi bird, and the Blue Brontosaurus Escape from Castle Gloom and Defeat the Horrible Horde

Nicholas Sumner, 8-12

This is a story about foskits. Two foskits to be precise, their names are Tarly-boo Sprout and Avey-Lala Sprout, and they are sisters. This is also a story about Kevin the Kiwi Bird from Noozillun, and about the Blue Brontosaurus.

This is also a story about Castle Gloom, the Great Unwashed, and the Horrible Horde.

And this is a story about friendships and helping each other through difficult situations.


Billy and the Dragon

James Hall, 8-12

For many people, lockdown amidst the Covid-19 outbreak has been something of a trial. Mr Hall and the class 5JH wondered what might happen to young Billy, who was desperate to break lockdown.

And the dragon, living on errant children trying to break lockdown.

But that is not the worst thing young Billy faces. Boy, will his cheeks be red when he learns what else might arise.

Howay, mon, let’s see where Billy gangs.


Walkies With Watson

David Flin, 8-12

Everyone has heard about Sherlock Holmes and his detective adventures. Everyone knows the saying that a dog is man’s best friend. Everyone knows that Holmes was a man. Everyone knows that Watson was Sherlock Holmes’ best friend.

The deductive logic is, therefore, inescapable. Watson, Holmes’ best friend, is a dog.

This tale, recounted by the ever-loyal Watson, is of just one of their many adventures, taking us to the wilds of Dartmoor to face a terrifying monster.


Fight to Dance

Simon Brading, 8-12

Max and Emily Cooper are twins who fall in love with ballet from the first lesson that they take as 6 year-olds. For a while everything is fine and they progress with their studies, but then, when they turn 11, everything changes.

Their parents are killed in a traffic accident and their lives are turned upside down. They have to leave their home in London and move to Barcelona with their Aunt Kimberley, who has become their guardian. From then on it is a constant struggle for them to continue to work towards realising their dream, their ambition, of being professional ballet dancers.

This is the first book of the Twin Ambitions series.


Back to Basics

Simon Brading, 8-12

Max and Emily Cooper are twins who fall in love with ballet from the first lesson that they take as 6 year-olds.

In Barcelona they have to start all over again – a new school, new students to make friends with and a new ballet school with a new teacher to learn from. Despite the tragic accident that killed their parents and forced them to leave London to live with their Aunt Kimberley and Cousin Núria, it is an exciting time.

However, things don’t turn out anything like the way they want them to …


The Curious Case of the Clairvoyant Curate

David Flin, 12-16

It is 1920, and Millicent Cavendish is hosting a weekend house party. Still newly-married, she’s trying to run a household efficiently, and showing that she’s no longer the frivolous and thoughtless party-goer she had been. She’s hoping that the house party will be a success and help her throw off her old image.

Maybe all would have been well, but one of the guests is murdered. Millicent decides that she needs to resolve things before the police arrive. Frequently thought of as air-headed, Millicent has to solve the murder, ensure the house party is a success despite one of the guests expiring, prepare the household for Christmas, and run the household efficiently.

What could be easier than that?


The Cave Between Worlds

Andy Cooke, 12-16

Thirteen year-old Freddie Fitzroy can see faeries. He’s not very happy about it. His big brother, Tom, DOESN’T see faeries. Not at all. Nope. That would be too weird. Unfortunately, like Freddie, Tom has started to have vivid dreams he can’t deny quite as easily. Dreams of a world of magic. Of Vampires. Centaurs. And Hunters – Wizards who track down magical creatures. And kill them.

When the dreams become reality through the cave in the woods near their new home, and the conflict spills into their own world, the brothers can deny it no longer. They have to choose sides – and discover their own power.

This is the first book of the Shadowland Chronicles.


The Secret of the Citadel

Andy Cooke, 12-16

Into the Shadowlands

Fourteen-year-old Freddie Fitzroy and his big brother, Tom, had been pulled into the conflict between the Vampire Malachi and the Wizard Genarri as the two battled in our world after having passed through the Cave between Worlds from the Shadowlands – with the brothers’ help.

Barely surviving the showdown between the two, Tom, Freddie, and their friends have themselves passed through the Cave between Worlds into the Shadowlands to try to gain control of their powers.

But the promised safety may be an illusion as they uncover a dark secret at the heart of the Wizards’ Citadel.


Trail of the Intruder

Andy Cooke, 12-16

“Something else came through!”

When Freddie, Tom, and the others returned from the Shadowlands, they did not come alone. Something or someone came with them. Something powerful and malign. Something that could threaten the fate of both the Prime World and the Shadowlands.

Freddie and Tom and the others have to stop this. Oh, and they’ve also got to go to school as normal.


How To Build A Moonbase

Andy Cooke, 12-16

What’s it like to live on the Moon? We’re going back to the Moon to stay – we’ll be building Moonbases and more and more people will go there – to live and work.
What will they be like? How will they be built? WHY will they be built?
Who will go there – and will I get to go? In the future – and maybe not many years away – simply winning a contest might get you a trip to a Moonbase. What you see and feel will depend on how, where, why, and when that Moonbase is built.
How you build a Moonbase gives you what a Moonbase looks and feels like, and what it is like to be there.

And here is how. And what. And why. And where..


Prometheus Unchained

Andy Cooke, 12-16

“Growing up in Deep Space can be difficult.

When the revolutionary spaceship they’re developing there – and on which you hope to earn a position – is having problems and may never fly, tensions can rise. Stumbling across a terrorist conspiracy to wipe out most of humanity? That puts the pressure up to a really unfair level.

How are a fifteen-year-old, an eighteen-year-old, and a twenty-one-year-old going to sort all that out? From deep space, to the Moon, and to the endangered Earth, Ashley, his older brothers, and his friends, have a lot to do…”


A World Apart

Andy Cooke & David Flin, 12-16

“The first Moonbase came along far earlier than anyone would have expected, early in the twentieth century, thanks to the discovery of the anti-gravity material, cavorite. Unfortunately, the mission to establish it used up all the cavorite in existence, but they knew a deposit for the return trip could be found on the Moon.

The gamble to set up a multinational base was worthwhile. It had to be. What with all the tensions on Earth – if this didn’t work, a Great War could break out. It had to work. It HAD to. Time was ticking out and they had to find a cavorite deposit, or the mission was doomed.

A missing person – a murder? – was the last thing they needed.”


Green and Pleasant Land

David Flin, 16+

Thomas, Francesco, Peter, and Windy all had different reasons for joining the Army. As soldiers, they had little say in what went on in the world, or even where they went. The world wasn’t a fair one; they knew that. The world had avoided many crises which might have led to war, but didn’t. The last, in 1914, was perhaps the nearest miss. Seven years on and, in all probability, another crisis will emerge.

Not that the four friends have any say in the matter. Nonetheless, they know that the world isn’t fair, and they have a strong belief that it should be. It doesn’t seem that there is much they can do from their lowly position, especially as it seems that another crisis is brewing, one which might lead to a major conflict.

This is the first book in the Building Jerusalem series.


Clouds Unfold

David Flin, 16+

Thomas, Frank, Peter, and Windy are soldiers in the First Battalion of the Rifle Brigade, in the process of deploying to active service in Persia. Getting from England to Persia is a simple journey on a troop transport ship. How much trouble can the four friends get into during such a simple voyage?

They aren’t aware of the growing tensions around the world, of how the world in 1921 is slowly moving towards another great crisis. Being unaware of the growing storm clouds, they continue their scheming ways. Of rather more concern to them is the watchful eye of Sergeant Taylor, trying to get his recruits ready for deployment.


Burning Gold

David Flin, 16+

1921, Persia. Thomas O’Grady and the rest of the Rifle Battalion have arrived; Thomas and the rest of his platoon have been sent ahead to scout out and prepare for the arrival of the rest of the Regiment. It’s uncertain territory, with reports of bandits and treachery. Nonetheless, they have to go to Esfahan and into the unknown.

This, Thomas and his buddies quickly realise, is no longer the fun and games that they’d been having to date getting here. This was now walking into what is potentially harm’s way.

Thomas, Frank, Windy, and Peter will have a lot to cope with.

This is book 3 of the Building Jerusalem series.


Arrows of Desire

David Flin, 16+

Thomas O’Grady and the rest of the Rifle Regiment have arrived in Persia; they’re now on active deployment, and the stakes have got higher. As always, when on deployment, there is too much to do and not enough people to do it. Despite this, they have to cope, somehow.

Thomas, Frank, and Windy will need all of their wit and guile to overcome the troubles, along with the surprises – good as well as bad – that will come their way.


Nor Shall My Sword

David Flin, 16+

1922. Thomas, Frank, and Windy have now settled in Esfahan in Persia, along with the rest of the Rifle Battalion. Thomas is now in command of a locally-raised force, the Persian Company, and struggling to get his men ready for the troubles that face them.

This is Book 5 of the Building Jerusalem series.


Chariot of Fire

David Flin, 16+

Thomas O’Grady now commands a regiment in Persia. He’s newly married. The local Governor is scheming, as always. He is short of men, NCOs, officers, and equipment. All he’s got in abundance are his wits and a lot of worries. His children are growing up, and are getting to be of an age to get into trouble.

Tehran is undergoing what seems to be approaching a major civil disturbance.

All in all, it looks like he is going to have his work cut out for him.


Time Traveller’s Tour Guide to Pompeii

Andrew Brooks

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tour some of the great sites and events of history? What it would be like to be a tourist during the French Revolution, or Pompeii before Vesuvius erupted, to travel on the Titanic or HMS Victory, to be at Camelot when King Arthur forms the Round Table?

Now, thanks to Pwff y Ddraig Hud Tours, that’s possible. They have a number of such tours, each with their own tour guide.

This is the first such guide: to Pompeii before Vesuvius erupts. Today, they are just ruins. Here, we show you what it was like when it was a living city.


Time Traveller’s Tour Guide to the RMS Titanic

Brad Rousse

Pwff y Ddraig Hud Tours offer a Time Travelling tour of the RMS Titanic on its fateful voyage, enabling you to mingle and mix with the passengers and crew of the ship. Find out how the passengers passed the time, enjoy the dining experiences on offer, see a way of life that was soon to come to an end, forever.

There is one important thing to remember. Don’t miss the return home.


Why The Titanic Sank

Brad Rousse

One of the iconic tragedies of the modern era, the sinking of the Titanic has become shrouded in legends, true and false, about exactly why the ship sank. Yes, OK, it hit an iceberg. However, the details of why the ship was where it was, how the crew responded before, during, and after the collision, and many other factors, have become “common knowledge.” Like so much of common knowledge, it isn’t always accurate.

This book separates fact from fiction regarding that fateful event.


Escape From The Tower

David Flin

If the Ravens ever leave the Tower of London, Britain is doomed. So goes the legend, and for hundreds of years Ravens have been held at the Tower, guarded and protected, pin feathers drawn so they can’t fly away and escape. For hundreds of years, they have been held secure, protecting the safety of the Realm.

But what do the Ravens think about this? And what are the designs of the magpie helping them, the magpie known as Colonel Blood?