Themes of the Future

David Flin
Published 22nd October

As you will have seen Sergeant Frosty Publications will be producing four books a month. From February, we’ll be having a series of themed months. All of the books published that month will have a common theme to them. Aimed at different ages, of different styles, and by different authors, the books will focus on a common theme.

In February, our theme is the Titanic. Dozens of films and books tell of the fateful voyage of the Titanic, a liner which sank on 15 April, 1912. We’ll publish a number of books, some fictional, some factual, that look into that event.

In March, we look at the Moon. In particular, we look at moonbases. How they could be built, what they are like to live in, and stories set in a moonbase.

In April, we turn our attention to King Arthur and his knights, with a collection of stories involving either Camelot, King Arthur, or his knights.

It’s quite exciting to see these themed stories developing; there are a number of both new and experienced authors involved, and a wide-range of stories. From Brad Rousse’s analysis of the events that lead to the sinking of the Titanic, through Andy Cooke’s explanation of how to build a moonbase, to Charles Moore’s look at Sir Gawaine’s role during WW2.

But first, there’s the books for November.